Distributor of aluminum profiles SFB ALU

SFB ALU distributor of aluminium profiles

SFB ALU is a distributor of aluminium systems that is part of the German capital group SFB Poland. This group specializes in outsourcing assembly, mainly for the automotive industry. We provide reliable and cheap solutions for large and small companies throughout Poland.

Aluminium systems distributor - what do we do?

We create aluminium profiles, facades and systems. We have our own paint shops, in which we apply paint, varnish and other coatings on the profiles. We also have large, modern assembly halls, which is why we can expand our services by the selling of aluminium profiles. Our offer includes aluminium profiles with a maximum length of 5800 cm in the sizes of:

  • 40 x 40
  • 20 x 20
  • 40 x 80

We also provide cutting services to any non-standard sizes and drilling of holes.

SFB ALU is more than a distributor of aluminium profiles

In our machine park, we create not only profiles, but also all aluminium parts and accessories for the industry. Our products also include connecting and articulated elements as well as elements of aluminium frames. We also make angles, hinges, handles, wheels, end cups, nuts, bolts and connectors.

SFB ALU - distributor of aluminium systems for many branches

Our aluminium profiles are used in many industry branches. We manufacture systems for the advertising, furniture and construction industries. SFB ALU profiles are also widely used in rail, automotive, electrical engineering and engineering industries. Our aluminium parts, components and systems create great storage equipment, assembly stations and covers.

What distinguishes aluminium systems from SFB ALU?

The systems that come out of our machine park are high-class products. Distributors of aluminium profiles from the SFB group use the most durable aluminium and also one that is the most susceptible for machining. Our parts are exceptionally light, so they minimize the overall weight of the structure. They also show high corrosion resistance and to many external influences. They are easy to mount and have a high load capacity.

Why is it worth working with us? SFB ALU - a well-known distributor of aluminium profiles

We owe our high position on the market to the quality of our aluminium products. We are a team of professionals constantly raising their competences. Our company distinguish the following advantages:

  • we have a large modern and comprehensive machine park with a paint shop,
  • we use only high-quality aluminium,
  • we are up to date with the latest technologies and discoveries,
  • we create custom-made profiles in typical and custom sizes,
  • we care about the highest quality of our service,
  • we offer the best price-quality ratio for our products.

We are a reputable distributor and supplier of aluminium profiles and systems. We enjoy the growing trust of our clients. We provide them with product quality and service at a level that cannot be matched by other aluminium profile distributors. Find out how durable, light and inexpensive our systems are and chose a distributor that will meet your requirements.