Aluminium profiles

Aluminium profiles from SFB ALU are lightweight construction materials that will allow you a quick and easy building of various structures. Due to their excellent properties, they are used in many branches.

What do you get by choosing our aluminium profiles?

Aluminium profiles from SFB ALU have many advantages. Each of our aluminium profiles is a top-class product that allows you to create durable constructions. The most important advantages of our profiles are:

  • the lowest weight among the metal profiles,
  • very high corrosion resistance,
  • softness and susceptibility to modelling and drilling,
  • resistance to weather conditions,
  • anode finishes,
  • you can join them by welding or using connectors,
  • easy and quick mounting.

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Aluminium profiles - where can you use them?

Aluminium profiles are widely used both in industry and in many Polish homes. They are widely used in aviation, automotive, advertising, furniture and construction industries. Aluminium profiles can be used as:

  • fitting,
  • supporting constructions,
  • LED backlit of advertising panels,
  • chipboard protection,
  • threshold and stair strips,
  • structural elements of exhibitions, market halls and tents, facades.

Price of aluminium profiles

The prices of aluminium profiles range from a dozen to several dozen PLN per piece. This cost depends on the weight and module of the profile, as well as its construction. The more complicated the profile, the higher its price. In addition, you should consider the quality of the aluminium alloy from which the profile is made.

Choose the lightest aluminium profile in the SFB ALU online shop and create stable structures.

Aluminium profiles from SFB ALU are products made of the highest quality aluminium. We use the latest technologies and the highest standards of work to create them. A wide selection of the most commonly used modules allows you to choose a profile that will work in a variety of constructions.

Check the offer of our online shop and choose light profiles that will allow you to create durable structures